Reviewing 4 Kinky Lingerie Pieces.

The mantra of less is more is certainly tied into the allure of lingerie. The slim cuts and tight cleavage holds that come together to create a seductive view are not to be trampled on. regardless of how your taste runs, there is certainly a company out there willing to design something for you. This may be a comforting thought to some, but others will inevitably come to the budging question of cost.

Simply put, everyone knows that Lingerie Shopping can be quite expensive. It is no surprise that if your taste or size is not sold or distributed to the larger market your product will carry some noticeable additional costs, added with the already expensive tag. People are never really keen on fully exploring their taste as a result.

Now, understandable as that may be, it is certainly sad to think that many people are not able to explore their kinks freely due to the price setback. Which is what brings us to today’s post. I have compiled a list of eight kinky lingerie pieces/ sets that will not break your bank. Today’s list is featuring the ‘erotic and wild’ category from Temptations Avenue.

ELEGANCE, the first set on our list features a triangle bra with gold clasps and a halter choker paired with a g-string and faux leather belt and matching gold detail. This kinky number is perfect for playing Dominatrix.

FATALE, the next on or list is named after the other half of the iconic descriptor, “femme fatale”.  This demi bra with faux leather straps and gold buckles is nothing short of naughty and an ode to the French. With adjustable straps for comfort and teasing choice of nipple revealing tulle. This bra is a must-have.

DARKGINGER, Dark Ginger may be the last on our list but she certainly isn’t the least, at least not where it counts. This faux leather set is captivating with straps that run down the front and back, connecting the bra, panties and garters into one sexy piece.

And don’t forget to treat yourself with a piece of Erotic Lingerie or Elegant Lingerie coupled with a body harness fashion lingerie or body chain fashion lingerie!

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