Different Kinds of Bras.

Lingerie is gorgeous and sexy. A confidence booster like no other, and yet so many of us know so little about it. Sure, we know what looks nice to our eyes, but many of us cannot tell the difference in the basic designs and by default what kinds of clothes they look best in.

This applies to bras as well. While they may be one of the most common lingerie pieces bought and worn. Many people cannot tell the difference in categories and end up making several wardrobe mistakes. Here is a list of nine basic bra designs and their uses, for the next time you go Lingerie Shopping.

Demi: A bra with wide-set straps, half-shaped cups and horizontal bust line. These are great for wearing beneath silk and satin garments.

Balconette: A lowcut demi bra with a retro silhouette.

Bandeau: A bra designed in a strip, typically made of stretchy fabric. These are great for wearing beneath strapless or high cut clothes.

T-Shirt: A bra with a thin and smoothly contoured cups to give optimal shape and under t-shirts. As the name suggests, great for wearing beneath t-shirts due to its soft and thin layer.

Push up: the most common bra, a bra with additional padding at the bottom of cups to create a fuller bust. This can come in many forms as long as the extra padding at the bottom is there, it is classified as pushup. Aim for categorizing based on cut.

Plunge: a bra with low cut cups joined by thin center piece.  These are perfect for low cut clothes that plunge deep, allowing for a bra-less hint.

Full cup: a bra with cups that completely cover the breast.

Strapless: a bra designed without shoulder straps. These are commonly worn with strapless or thin strap clothes.

Sports: a bra designed for support and to prevent discomfort during physical activity.

And don’t forget to treat yourself with a piece of Erotic Lingerie or Elegant Lingerie coupled with a body harness fashion lingerie or body chain fashion lingerie!

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