Reviewing 5 Adult Toys

Adult toys are the naughtier side to the world of Lingerie Shopping. We step into the store, make a beeline for the laces and do our best not to make eye contact with the select shelf of available toys. Or, for those of us who do our shopping online, avoid clicking on the toy’s category. Well, its 2019 and exploration of sexuality is key.

Sex toys are no longer the hobby of wayward women, as the old-timey brits would say, but a fun, confident and personal time amplifier. They are great for men and women alike. In fact, I believe they are a necessity for every adult.

Not only do these help to relieve sexual frustration, but they give you a sense of independence by not relying on a physical partner to bring you pleasure. They are also great stress relievers. However, like lingerie, they can be quite frustrating to shop for. There are just so many options that look eerily similar but with a noticeable difference that will have you questioning your choice.

To take the stress out of the process here are five adult toys that are beginner-friendly.

Bullet Vibrators. This tiny finger vibrator may seem insignificant, but it packs a hefty punch. It is so tiny it offers ease of transport. Although it can prove loud due to the size of the container emitting the vibrations-for this I advise getting one with a silicone cover.

Throttle Stroker. Masturbators are soft squishy cylinders, with a whole in the middle where the penis goes in. this toy essentially performs the job of a handjob but with a softer feel to it. do not be ashamed of getting a smaller size that fits, aiming too big will not have desired effects.

Rabbit Vibrators. While these may appear complicated on the outside. These bad boys are climax inducing heroes. With ears that cater to the clitoris, length for insertion, and vibration options that range from 5-13 depending on the brand, pleasure is most definitely guaranteed.

FleshLight. Think of a flashlight, now picture a molded vagina at the top. You have great fleshlight. This iconic masturbator is essentially a pocket pussy but withholds it. with soft silicone on the inside to mimic the grip and feel of a vagina, the fleshlight is a fan favorite.

Butt Plugs. These bad boys are unisex dreams, simply get some lube and insert at will. Beginners are always advised to start with slimmer designs to ease the muscle to the feel of the plug.

And don’t forget to treat yourself with a piece of Erotic Lingerie or Elegant Lingerie coupled with a body harness fashion lingerie or body chain fashion lingerie!

Tip: Lube, lube is very important. Whether you are using toys or not, extra lubrication is always great.

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