The Do’s Of Buying And Wearing Lingerie

Are you looking to add new lingerie to your collection? Buying beautiful and sexy lingerie piece can be quite daunting, especially if you’re new to wearing such delicate and intimate pieces. Some are simply just used to buying traditional bra and panty sets and calling it a day. The world of lingerie is vast and features a variety of different items like baby dolls, teddies, chemises and more. Buying elegant and kinky lingerie isn’t always as easy as buying a new set of undies or an everyday bra. Here are some helpful things when purchasing lingerie so that you can do it with utter and complete confidence, regardless if you plan on wearing it everyday or just for special occasions:

  1. Do Take Your Measurements

In order to get amazing pieces that look stunning on you, you’ll want to make sure that whatever lingerie you buy fits right. This is why it’s important to take your measurements. If you can, head to your local department store and get fitted. This way, you’re not confused as to what size bra to buy or if you should size up or down for that sexy bodysuit you’re eyeing. Finding lingerie pieces you love is not just about how it looks, but also how it fits. You want to make sure that there’s no gaping at the cup for the bra and that its band is nice and snug against your back.

  1. Do Consider Your Options

Don’t just go out and buy the first bra and panty set you see. Look around at your options to ensure you snag one that catches your eye and makes you feel comfortable. Loving your lingerie piece will mean that you’ll actually wear it and it won’t just sit in your drawers to collect dust. Browse a few stores or online lingerie sites to make an informed decision when it comes down to the piece you want to take home with you.

  1. Do Read Care Instructions

All lingerie pieces will have different care instructions, and it’s important that you read them and take note. Caring for lingerie pieces is different from your everyday undergarments and you’ll want to take care of them so that they last longer.

  1. Do Venture Out Of Your Norm

Although you want to be comfortable when wearing lingerie, try and venture out and buy pieces you wouldn’t normally gravitate to. You’d be surprised at how confident and empowered you’ll feel after wearing a corset, teddy or babydoll nightwear.

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