I’m on Fire

There is something about a fireman that is undeniably sexy. Not only are firemen in great shape, they are some of the most giving people, willing to sacrifice their lives for others, and they are true heroes. It is no wonder so many women are attracted to these strong, brave men.

Your man might not be a fireman, but there is no harm in pretending he is for a night. To live out this fantasy in your sex role playing character ideas, you can pretend you are in a burning building fearing for your life. You think the end is near, when all of a sudden, your brave man walks in to save the day.

He lifts you in his strong arms and takes you to safety.

With no idea of how else to repay him, you offer him your body. Although he insists it is not necessary, he is unable to resist your charms and you find that the way you offer to repay him turns out to be a true gift for both of you.

Although we don’t recommend you start a fire to make this scenario as realistic as possible, you can bring things to life by having him wear a fireman’s jacket and hat…shirtless underneath, of course.

If you have always dreamed of being with a fireman, be sure to include this in your role playing ideas. You will be surprised to find out how much both of you enjoy incorporating the fireman in your sexual escapades.